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Jesus said the greatest commandment is, "Love God with all your heart, soul & mind and your neighbor as yourself."

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Similar churches in
Southeast MN
are located in:
Albert Lea,
Kasson, Stewartville,
Concord & Plainview.
There is a cordial
fellowship between
these churches, but
there is no central authority or control.

This church keeps
close ties with
Crossroads College now in its current form, Crossroads Church Partners
in Rochester, MN.


About Our Church...
The Newest & Oldest Church in Town

Grace Christian Church in SummerFor 100 years this building was a landmark as the home of First Baptist Church. All the other church buildings in town were built in the mid-20th century but this is the sole survivor of the 19th century. When the congregation dwindled the Baptist conference wanted to preserve the building's purpose as a house of worship and pass it along to another congregation of Christians rather than sell it to become a residence or business.

In 2006 our new congregation, known as Grace Christian Church, was formed and began holding services in the historic edifice purchased from the Baptists.  Graciously, nearly all of the furnishings and equipment were left for us new folks. This has greatly assisted Grace Christian to get started and a hearty thanks goes to the fine Baptist Christians whose century of stewardship continues to serve the community.

Brian & Sharon ThielIn January 2009 the church called Brian Thiel to be the pastor, succeeding Dick Burlingame.  Both men had  graduated from MN Bible College (later named,  Crossroads College in Rochester) as young preachers and later had careers in business. Brian and his wife, Sharon moved to LeRoy from Austin where they were very active with the  Austin Church of Christ and in a variety of community activities.  When you see either of them around town, just say, "Hi Brian" or "Hi Sharon." 

The Leroy Independent and Austin Daily Herald newspapers ran feature stories several years ago about the church's beginnings, providing lots of details about how it came about, the people who were involved, and what kind of church this is.  They are probably no longer available at the papers' current web sites, however.

Please look at the articles below that describe this kind of church in much greater detail. As you can clearly see from reading these essays, we have one central purpose... to follow all clear teachings of the Bible because there is no better way to understand God or to come into a fellowship with Jesus Christ! Creeds, catechisms and commentaries are all helpful, but none compares with the Bible itself.  Putting the highest priority on the Bible is, of course, at the very core of what most Christians have always done, regardless of whatever church affiliations they now have or previously had.  There is a lot of freedom in that and a lot of personal responsibility, too.

Everyone who wants to have fellowship with others who believe in God and Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible is welcome at Grace Christian. Stay a bit longer and join in the Coffee & Snacks Fellowship that follows every Sunday service. And there is a potluck dinner following morning services on some month's 3rd Sundays.

What Do We Stand For?

James A. Garfield, the first US president who was a regular "lay preacher," was from this type of church. He answers a common question in his day... one that is still being asked.

What Kind of Church?

Our goal is to be a community of believers who have a heart of service because that is what Jesus Christ intended his followers to be. This essay says it very well.

Typical Beliefs

Many local churches publish statements about their beliefs. We have not done that, but here is an outstanding example of such a statement from Lincoln Christian University.