Grace Christian Church - LeRoy MN Grace Christian Church
115 E. Frederick, LeRoy MN 55951  (507) 219-1774
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Jesus said the greatest commandment is, "Love God with all your heart, soul & mind and your neighbor as yourself."

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Weekly Schedule

10:45am Worship

is served
every Sunday
to any Christian
who chooses
to partake.

Bible Study
Computer CDs

This is a graded curriculum of
direct Bible study for grades 3 - 8
on CDRoms.
Call for details.

FM Radio
in our area:

KVCS - 89.1
KJCY - 95.5
KFSI - 92.9

Missions We Support

Grace Christian Church has been supporting these missions
and service organizations during recent years

  • Samaritans Purse - Boone NC
    This church has filled hundreds 'Operation Christmas Child'  shoeboxes over the years along with other LeRoy churches
  • LeRoy Area Food Shelf - LeRoy MN
    A cooperative program by area churches and organizations to help about 30 local households supplement their meager food supplies.
  • TCM International - Vienna Austria
    About 3000 European and Western Asian pastors and church leaders from countries once behind the Iron Curtain have received accredited graduate-level Biblical studies and degrees.  Today there is an outburst of Christian congregations growing rapidly.
  • Ronald McDonald House - Rochester MN
    With nearby Mayo Clinic, this is a very busy and much needed facility to aid families that come for extended treatments for their children.
  • Cookson Hills Ministries Located in Kansas, OK
    This residence/school campus provides a restorative residential environment for seriously 'at risk kids' from various Midwestern states.
  • Love Packages - Collects and sends Christian printed materials worldwide from their warehouse in Butler IL
  • KJCY Kinship Christian Radio Christian radio heard in SE Minnesota and North Iowa.
  • Crossroads Church Parnters of Rochester, MN.  Devoloping leadership in ministry for local church members and staff.
  • Church Planting Organizations in Minnesota & Northern Plains